A few statistics from the Xbox One Reveal

Well there it is, the Xbox one. The missing piece in the generation that never wanted to be. I rewatched the reveal, and made some notes about what time was spent on what, minute-by-minute.

Type of content by percentage of time allocated.

The Xbox reveal spent a lot of time on non-gaming topics, pushing their TV services and Tie-ins. This pie chart shows you how much of the event went to Non-Gaming Topics, Discussion of Console Hardware, Gaming Topics, and superfluous information (Waffle).

Obviously percentage of waffle is more subjective than the rest of the topics, so Here is the same graph with the waffle ommited.

Trailers by Content Type

A huge problem that gamers, Particularly PC gamers, have against the game industry is game trailers which don’t actually reflect the resultant gameplay experience. This next chart is shows which of the 4 game trailers (EA Sports, Forza, Quantum Leap and Call of Duty) had real gameplay footage. There are three categories for this. Trailers which contain no in-engine footage (blatantly Pre-rendered CGI), trailers with no gameplay but that are rendered in-engine, and trailers with real gameplay demonstrations.

A final Note…

The applause. Critics denied any applause between themselves, so where was it coming from?


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