battlefield 3

Battlefield 3: Realistic Fun Simulator

I must confess, I was never really interested in the Battlefield series. Despite being having the marketing potential of its publisher EA, it managed to stay under my radar for many years, as it was for most intents and purposes a niche title. Truly a hipster Call of Duty, it was a modern military shooter before modern military shooters were cool. By the time that EA seemed committed to a mainstream marketing push for the series with battlefield 3, Call of Duty had already cemented its position as the biggest game in the industry, and I was busy catching up for lost time with Modern Warfare 2. I had no room in my life for another appalling guilty pleasure.

However, two whole years after origin launched, EA seems to have gotten the hang of making its products attractive to its customers. With its price now down to a permanent £14.99, and even offering the Close Quarters DLC for free during E3 2013, I finally felt motivated to buy the game and check out this ‘Call of duty for multi-cellular organisms’.

I was impressed. Briefly.

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